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Why Work With Us?

We're a creative bunch, we love to express ourselves in a fun, exciting way not seen by many other agencies. We're run by Gen Z, meaning we know how to have a good time and do a great job.

At Creative Era, we focus on one thing and we're pretty badass at it, Social Media. We create content that tells stories, we design brands that care about their customers, and at the end of the day, we foster relationships that last a lifetime. 

Perks Of Working With Us

We want to make you feel at home when you work with us, 

1. Monthly Book Allowance

Each month, we'll give you a $50 CAD book allowance which you can use to purchase educational books to further your life & career

2. Oura Ring

After 3 months, you'll receive an Oura ring to compete with the team for the best sleep score, as well as keep yourself accountable

3. Remote working

We don't work out of an office, our team is fully remote meaning less time in traffic, and more time to spend on things that matter in your life

4. Diverse Client Portfolio

We'll be working with a diverse set of clients, meaning even more room for you to grow your mind and creativity

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